How to choose a brand name for your business or product

It’s easy to hate a name, that’s exactly why choosing a great one is so difficult. The main goal of a name is to be memorable, unique, and descriptive. What exactly goes into creating a name which achieves all three of these goals and more is hard to account for. We all know of great brands; Companies or Products, but do all great brands have great names? Without making too many chicken and egg or cart and horse analogies, let’s look at some of the practical factors which should be considered in choosing a name for your venture.

Use javascript to bulk process company html email signatures

Email signatures are part of any company’s branded elements. They set the tone to a wider corporate communication plan, introduce visual elements and communicate important information. Emails are a powerful medium which has an amazing volume of client touch-points. The problem is that many times creating an email signature is overlooked as an element of the branding. Often each employee is left to input personal annotations, references, and styling cues which unintentionally erode a carefully planned communication program. The answer of…