When Companies should invest in a branded visual identity

It's valuable for a Company to invest in a visual identity. A strategic system for growth, recognition, and differentiation, communicate value proposition.

If you are starting or expanding a Company you have your hands full. There are hundreds of logical next steps, while you solidify your offering and think about retaining customers while acquiring new ones you should find someone to implement a branded visual identity program.

Is your visual identity ‘foundation’ level, square and solid?

You may think that you’re covered with a logo, a website, and while your product is being designed, UI / UX is being built out. But there is a pressing question; do you have a cohesive visual identity program that will ensure what is built now, will still work in 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years?

It happens, many Companies leave the development of an identity to the last minute. Choosing to invest in and focus on function over presentation. As a result of this, the marketability and presentation of a product will commonly lag behind what is otherwise functionally sound.

Use the design process now or risk being misaligned later.

Like many of the capacities being developed by a new or expanding business, the visual identity is a system which allows greater, faster and stable growth down the road.

aiga design process - visual identity branding
AIGA Design Process http://www.aiga.org/

Introducing a visual design process early in the development of a product is advantageous in that it aligns both function and form. As a result of the design process, a better product can be developed in less time and be earlier to market, while being received better once it gets there.

There’s only one way to build, the ground up.

It is valuable to invest early in a visual identity program. The design process aligns form and function creating a better and more marketable product. A design framework creates a strategic system for stable and efficient growth. The design aesthetic establishes means of recognition and differentiation. Information design enables effective communication of a value proposition. Why wouldn’t you want this?

Ultimately the goal of a visual identity or brand design program is to communicate and differentiate. Brands that are effective add value by increasing recognition, and communicating value. Two essential elements to increasing sale conversion, customer retention, sale referrals and the ability to demand a price premium. It’s an investment which catalyzes growth, and when you think of it that way, why wouldn’t you start building a branded visual identity program as early as possible?

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