Sci-Fi UI / UX: Prometheus – Exceptionally consistent computer tech design despite 33 years of CGI advancements

Thirty-three years of computer graphics advancement had a noticeable influence on the way computer interfaces are used in the movie Prometheus. Advancements in CGI were integrated to seamless and believable show character interactions with various device interfaces to successfully illustrate plot concepts. Technology envisioned in the movie stayed true to the original vision of the first Alien film.

Sci-Fi UI / UX: Star Trek the original series

Star Trek the original series, created by Gene Roddenberry and starring William Shatner was ahead of its time when it first aired in 1966 and in many ways still is. The show helped pave the way for futurists, popularizing a vision of future humanity and future technology. The real world technology from the day (1960’s) had influenced the imaginations of what the creators thought technology 300 years in the future (2265 to 2269) could look like, but just barely.