Sci-Fi UI / UX: Her – Disturbingly accurate portrayal of our not so distant future of isolation and device interfaces

Like the film itself, the devices and interfaces imagined in the not so distant future of “Her” (2013) directed by Spike Jonze are a departure from the visions of action or horror based science fiction films.

Multiple devices and interfaces are seen being controlled by characters throughout the film. There are desktop workstations, video editing bays, living room video games and personal devices.

The way in which characters interact with each device depend on its purpose and happily, no two devices are alike. There is a noticeable lack of keyboards and mice for input devices.

Desktop workstations in homes and offices are operated using touch and voice commands.




There are various graphical schemes to the ui in the movie. Personal devices including home desktops are designed to be extremely clean and minimal. Because these devices are operated almost entirely with voice command there is almost no need to show navigational or tool iconography or menus.







Video or game editing suites feature banks of monitors and large touch screen panels for the operators to manipulate on screen elements.



Lastly, a projection into the future of what living room gaming may become shows (phoenix) manipulating a holographically projected virtual reality with small hand gestures.



The subtlety in which this film’s creators were able to seamlessly introduce multiple devices and their vision of the not so distant future is impressive.

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