The new customer journey checklist – Marketing Touchpoints

Touch points which prospective clients encounter on their path along a digital inbound sales funnel.

The new Marketing Customer Journey outlines the many user interactions and touch points which a prospective clients will encounter on their path along a digital inbound sales funnel. By referencing the customer journey touch points in each stage of the buying cycle a marketer can tune and influence the likelihood of any prospective client to converting as a prospective lead or sales prospect.

The marketing touch point checklist provided below outlines many of these possible touch points in each stage of the buying cycle. You can use the checklist to compare with any existing sales funnels you may have currently in place for a broad overview of the various tactics which can be employed to influence your market.

The pursuit of a well oiled inbound marketing automation machine is never over and there are always new ways to communicate and influence markets. If you have any additions or suggestions for the checklist download, please let me know via twitter; @esasabove.

Marketing Touchpoint Stages

  1. Discover – When a user first encounters your brand, the initial value is communicated.
  2. Compare – The users identifies their need for your product or service and considers your offering.
  3. Convince – This is where you beat out the competition, and beat any resistance from the user.
  4. Commit – Gain a new customer, they’ve committed to a term of service and a transaction is made.
  5. Retain – The race isn’t over, continue to communicate value and retain your customers.
  6. Advocate – Turn customers into advocates for referrals, upsells, and extensions.

Use this checklist to review the user touchpoints along your sales funnel. Do you have some to add to the list? Let me know @esasabove

Download the New Marketing Customer Journey Checklist

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